Which is the Best Dog Food for German Shepherds?

best dog food for german shepherdsThe German Shepherd is the jack-of-all-trades among dogs, fitting the roles of the working dog, the courageous and athletic animal, or majestic and best in dog shows. This breed could trace its ancestry as far back as the early writings of the Roman Empire, and its rise to fame to the German noble Max Von Stephanitz in the year 1899. With a dog as loving, devoted, and strong as the German Shepherd, you’ll want to ensure you’re giving him nothing but the very best food available. Proper nutrition for your four legged friend will keep him in optimal and prime condition – and I’m going to share with you today some of the very best food you could put in a German shepherd diet.

What is the Best Dog Food for German Shepherds?

The Finest in Raw Food: One of the very best sources of raw food is brought to you by Primal Pet Foods. Their Freeze-Dried Canine Beef Formula is completely free of grains, soy, gluten, as well as corn. This is important, as some German Shepherds may develop food allergies to one that is manufactured or processed with some of these ingredients. It may cost a little bit more than other dog food, but you could find discounts if bought in bulk cases. A lot of German Shepherd owners prefer to have available some source of raw food, due to the dog’s carnivorous nature. It’s important to offer him protein from a raw source, for optimal health as well as good nutrition. Particularly, if your German Shepherd is active in nature and utilizing his athletic abilities, you’ll want to make sure you take every opportunity to offer him Primal’s delicious Freeze Dried Canine Beef Formula.

The Finest Dry Food: If you really want to give your German Shepherd something to water his mouth for, you could offer him the Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe brought to you by Blue Buffalo. Blue Buffalo is an incredibly well reviewed dog food manufacturer, originating from Connecticut: ‘The Land of Steady Habits.’ If there’s one steady habit this company has, it’s getting their recipes perfected to make any German Shepherd leap with applause. This recipe is bountiful with fresh ingredients – delicious whitefish, wholesome whole grains like barley, oats, and brown rice, as well as nutrition-boosting veggies. These include sweet potatoes and garlic. It’s important for your German Shepherd to have a strong supply of complex carbohydrates to get the energy he needs to be as active as Max Von Stephanitz intended! This just might well be the best dry dog food for German shepherds.

The Finest Food Free of Grains: Wellness CORE offer you their Ocean Formula Dry Dog Food 100% free of grains, with very high protein content. If you observe that your German Shepherd has common food allergies, you really can’t go wrong with this nutrient-enhanced recipe. It includes things like spinach, broccoli, and kale for their optimal benefits. There are no meats or by-products contained in this formula, and it is something your four legged pal will surely love.

There’s something else you could offer to your German Shepherd to achieve maximum results – here comes Bully Max!

How About Adding Supplements to my German Shepherd’s Diet?

Let’s say you want a German Shepherd who needs to build some muscle, increase his power or speed, as well as achieve optimum strength. Humans in their daily workout routines will supplement their potential, so the folks at Bully Max Inc. have likewise developed a product for your dog! Bully Max: The Ultimate Canine Supplement is intended to do just this. It’ll enhance metabolism, as well as offer them optimal bone nourishment. Overall, your German Shepherd will achieve his maximum results if on a regular routine of Bully Max.

What Ingredients Make up the Best Dog Food for German Shepherds?

Research done over the years has found a relationship between what a dog eats and the problems that could arise. Much like humans, they could share a lot of common illnesses that we are susceptible to.

It would be a very smart thing to do to read all the ingredients of what’s in dog food. Being able to enunciate the things listed on a label is a great first step. German Shepherds need an ample amount of protein. Here’s a great suggestion for you: one of the first ingredients listed should be a meat, whether it be lamb, beef, or something else you’re familiar with. Aside from that, it should have some vegetable content for proper nutrition (just like people).

How Do I Know What’s Right For My German Shepherd?

Sometimes, it may very well be challenging to get the right food for your German Shepherd. With so many options out there, it’s easy to get lost in the question, “what’s better than the other?” The bottom line is, health and nutrition should be your number one priority. With the recommendations above, rest assured your German Shepherd is getting everything he needs to stay fit and happy.

Here’s some suggestions to creating the best food for German shepherds:

• All Natural Ingredients – Again, you’ll want to make sure you recognize what is on the food’s nutritional label. It’s very important to refrain from feeding your German Shepherd food with fillers.

• Pet Food Recall History – The federal government’s food regulation body, the Center for Disease Control, keeps a pretty close watch on food contamination for animals equally as much as it does for humans. Here’s a great article to discover more about how an actual instance of a pet food recall works. There’s some great advice for consumers.

• Reviews By People Like You – One of the best resources available to us is the internet – it provides a way to review anything, and here the experiences of other consumers. Veterinarians will commonly suggest food brands they carry in their office, but it’s also important to know that what they have might not necessarily be the best. Medical practices often suggest products in connection with their pharmaceutical companies. Vets will do equally the same with food for your German Shepherd.

Various Kinds of Diets that Make up the Best Dog Food for German Shepherds

This section is dedicated to knowing the options available to your German Shepherd for a diet. In case you haven’t followed closely, now would be a good time to start!

Let’s look together at the available diets:

1. Dry & Wet Natural Food – At its core, this is the traditional dog food regarded as all-natural. Food with a primary wholesome ingredient, such as fish, beef, or lamb falls under this category.

2. Foods that are Raw – This type of meal could be frozen or fresh, and must most often be refrigerated.

3. Complete Food Cooked – There’s another option available – DIY (Do It Yourself)! There’s a great recommendation for a German Shepherd recipe here.

4. Foods That are Free of Grains – While most dog foods that are made with grains give your German Shepherd an ample amount of calories and carbohydrates, he may develop food allergies to such products. This could lead to putting him on a diet that does not include any grains at all. If you notice something you may think is an allergic reaction, you should take him to your family veterinarian immediately.


Having a dog as a member of your family is important so we hope we’ve answered the question as to the best dog food for German shepherds. Being the jack-of-all-trades of the dog world comes with quite a responsibility – and as if he were your own child, you’d want to keep him as healthy as can be. With what I’ve shared with you today, you hopefully should be well-equipped with some great knowledge of the various foods available, and how to keep your German Shepherd’s diet as nutritionally sound as possible!

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