Switching It Up: Human Grade Dog Food Brands For Your Pet

human grade dog food brandsIf you’re one who travels the natural and holistic path, you may be taking into consideration this approach for your dog as well. A lot of commercially available dog foods on the market are advertised and even labeled as “Feed Grade.” What exactly does this mean? It means that the government’s health department, the Food and Drug Administration, hasn’t rated these foods for human consumption. This usually means there are (sometimes heavily) processed ingredients to bulk up the food and make the easiest dollar for most pet food brands. Taking a holistic approach toward your pet’s food is basically saying, “If it’s good enough for me, it’s definitely good enough for my dog!”

What Are Some Recommendations For Human Grade Dog Food Brands?

One awesome recommendation that can’t be skipped out on is essentially any product by The Honest Kitchen. Here, for example, they bring you their Keen Dehydrated Dog Food. Just like their entire line of food, it’s 100% human grade, “from farm to bowl.” As mentioned earlier, the FDA plays a big roll in slapping that “safe for human consumption” label on a pet food – and The Honest Kitchen is no exception. This is a great pet food as well because it’s raw – just add water! For the organic or holistic mind – be confident in this one. The food is made with cage-free turkey as the primary ingredient, followed up with organic fruits and vegetables. With plenty of protein, essential fats, vitamins and nutrition, you’re sure to give your pet something you could both chow down on!

Another great company who succeed with a human-grade recipe is CANIDAE. Canidae offer you and your dog their All Life Stages Formula. It’s full of high quality meat meals to include turkey, chicken, fish, and lamb. With so many flavors your dog naturally craves, how could you possibly go wrong? This particular formula is also great because it’s geared toward all dog-ages. The secondary ingredients in this recipe include wholesome carbohydrates like rice and oatmeal, vegetables such as peas and potatoes, and of course all the vitamins and nutrients your dog needs to maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. It would be very simple to choose such a great natural recipe, and stick to it for the rest of your dog’s life!


If you’ve got the importance in mind of a holistic and natural diet, offering your pet human grade dog food brands will ensure he’s getting some of the best stuff on earth. If you’re changing foods up to one of our recommendations, you’ll want to make sure you slowly mix it in. Also, if you notice any allergic reactions or digestive issues, you may want to take your dog to the veterinarian for a checkup. Food that is USDA organic, or rated by the FDA for human consumption guarantees not only the best quality, but a very good benefit to health for the value.

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