Discover the Best Dog Food for Chihuahuas to Eat

best dog food for chihuahuasHas a Chihuahua captured your heart as much as yours has captured hers? Well then, it’s important you know that meeting the nutritional needs of your little four-legged-friend are absolutely essential. This should be on the list of priorities for you as a pet owner – it’s something you’ll both really appreciate! It’s very important to a Chihuahua to have a premium food available to meet their little body’s expectations. Sure, you could save a few dollars by choosing a common store-bought brand, but you could be skimping out on the good stuff that your tiny friend really needs. In this article, you’ll find what to feed a Chihuahua. I’ll offer you the finest, wholesome dog foods you’ll want to consider.

What is the Best Dog Food for Chihuahuas?

Chihuahua Raw Food: Despite their small stature, the Chihuahua is as tenacious as any other breed. They’re born omnivores who love a solid, tasty, meaty meal. This is exactly what your Chihuahua will find with Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Chicken Patties. Stella & Chewy’s offer this raw, delicious meal packed with grass-fed venison meat, followed up with all-organic fruits and vegetables. Some of these include cranberries, apples, spinach, broccoli, and carrots. It’s important to see these wholesome ingredients in dog food for proper and balanced nutrition – without all the filler.

Chihuahua Wet Food: Natural Balance Duck and Potato Formula Dog Food is a tasty, canned recipe full of delicious duck in its natural broth, as well as potato and flavors your Chihuahua won’t be able to resist. All of this in a grain-free formula that answers the question “What do Chihuahuas eat?” (We’ll take a closer look at grain-free dog food later below.). Your Chihuahua should also maintain a healthy immune system, all while keeping protein and carbohydrates at a maintainable level – that’s exactly what this recipe will do.

Chihuahua Grain-Free Food: The first step in finding the best dog food for Chihuahuas must be to make sure it’s completely grainless. Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet for Dogs – Turkey and Potato will give them just that. If your little companion has developed allergies to certain foods, you’ll most certainly want to consider one that’s free of things like wheat, rice, common grains, or soy. It may very well be vet recommended. The prime ingredient of this formula is deboned Turkey, followed up with potatoes, peas, and all the healthy vitamins and nutrients your Chihuahua needs to stay fit, and happy.

Food and Health: The Best Food for Chihuahuas

It’s important to point out that there’s a fine line between what a good food is for your Chihuahua and what a not-so-good one is – especially when it comes to health. Chihuahuas are known for their fussy eating habits, but it’s even more important to consider all of the research that’s been done recently. This is important because what she’s eating could ultimately lead to things that include nausea or stomach upset, and even more severe illnesses to include liver or kidney disease – much how humans could get these things due to poor eating habits or lifestyles.

Without a doubt, one of the vital things to take into consideration is a wholesome food made with real meat, and real fruit or vegetables. This is the best Chihuahua food. You could know these things by vigorously checking food labels for a list of ingredients. For example, there’s a big difference between “Chicken meal”, and “Chicken.” What sounds like the healthier alternative? Due to your Chihuahua’s naturally small size, you’ll want to ensure your food doesn’t have any unnatural filler. It’d be much healthier for them to consume the things all dogs naturally should be eating, over filling up their tiny stomachs with things they don’t need.

The Chihuahua and a Great Food – How Important Is It?

When on the prowl for the best food for your Chihuahua, there are a few things you’ll mainly want to take into consideration. It a difficult scenario to seek out the best, but here are a few tips to keep in mind:

• An All Natural Recipe – Chihuahuas need natural ingredients. Their stomachs are small. Therefore, the nutritional value needs to be great. Whole, natural ingredients like a primary, pronounceable meat. Would you rather eat “artificial beef flavor” or actual beef? Feed things to your Chihuahua that you’d find human consumable. In other words, Chihuahua dog food should be as close to humanly edible as possible.

• Product Rating/Review – A very helpful thing to do would be to check what others have to say about a particular dog food. Veterinarians could often recommend a brand or a specific line of products. This could be due to their personal connection with a food manufacturer – so don’t be fooled! You could check around on sites like or even pet-store websites such as Petco’s or Petsmart to hear what other Chihuahua owners have to say. Often times, if you look in the right places, you’ll even find valuable coupons!

• Looking Into The Recall History – Much how we as humans have the government regulating what’s consumable and what isn’t, the same is done for dog food. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) regularly check up on all of the pet food manufacturers here within the U.S. All of the recall history is public information that you could find online. Sometimes equipment may fail, or there were spoiled or questionable ingredients. You’ll want to look for the reason of the recall, as well as what was done to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

The Different Diets That Could Make Up the Best Chihuahua Food

As said before, your Chihuahua is a fussy eater. It may take quite a bit of trial and error to get the best food right for them.

1. Chihuahua Wet/Dry Food – A common kibble, usually. Most Chihuahua pet food will fall under this category. Primary whole meat to include venison, lamb, or beef. Followed by reasonable second ingredients (potatoes or carrots, for example).

2. Raw Chihuahua Food – As recommended above with Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Chicken Patties, a raw food is an incredible source of protein – with that delicious savoring flavor your Chihuahua would love. Raw food also often comes freeze-dried and should sometimes be refrigerated to maintain quality and freshness.

3. Cooking Chihuahua Food Yourself – Here’s an idea – don’t feel like spending hours in research and trial and error in finding what’s right for your Chihuahua? Try a home cooked meal, which could arguably be the best dog food for Chihuahuas! Not the type of meal you’d feed yourself, of course (this means no table-scraps!). A good rule of thumb is to provide 60% of protein from meat. You could cook up a whole chicken, two cups of veggies, along with two cups of rice, and call it a done deal. You could even store this type of concoction in the freezer for added longevity.

4. Grain Free Chihuahua Food – If your Chihuahua is particularly itchy, or showing other tell-tale signs of allergies, you’ll first want to recognize the fact that she should see a veterinarian immediately. Having a diet without grain will eliminate wheat, oats, and other allergy causing ingredients.


Your dog is just like a family member so you want to make sure you’re buying the best dog food for Chihuahuas. Ensuring the finest in quality nutrition is a basic necessity that she deserves. We’ve looked over some great food recommendations, as well as things to be on the watch for. Knowing what to look for could be the difference between her happiness and yours!

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