Best Dog Food for Golden Retriever Reviews

With the ever-increasing variety of food on the market today, finding the best dog food for golden retrievers could be a difficult decision to make. Serving high quality foods with nothing but the best ingredients is important to keep this loyal, loving, four-legged companion happy, and healthy. We’re going to take a look at many of the pitfalls a Golden Retriever owner could face when hunting for good food, as well as a close look at some of the best food available.

What Do Golden Retrievers Eat –or Rather What SHOULD They Eat?

Golden Retriever Dry Food: Royal Canin Golden Retriever Dry Dog Food is brought to you by the Royal Canin brand. This particular company has been making some of the highest quality cat and dog food available since 1968, with origins in Canin, France. The company was even started by a veterinarian who strongly believed that he could offer the best food available to pets. The Golden Retriever Dry Dog Food recipe brought to you by them contains the necessary fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) to ensure your Golden retriever has the healthiest skin and fur coat he could possibly have. This specific formula is also advertised to give your Golden Retriever improved mobility and excellent joint functions. It’s made with wholesome, healthy ingredients such as chicken meal, rice, oatmeal, and all the necessary nutrition of vitamins and minerals to support much of the same healthy prospects we as humans require.

Golden Retriever Raw Food: Golden retrievers need a natural, raw experience. They are, after all, carnivores. Their instincts tell them to head for the meat. You could give them exactly that with the Canine Chicken Formula from Primal Pet Foods. This freeze-dried recipe bursting with the flavor your Golden Retriever will love. The chicken has been raised free of growth hormones or antibiotics. To top it off, it’s also a grain, wheat, gluten, corn, and soy free food. Your Golden Retriever is a loyal and highly active family member. Primal’s Canine Chicken recipe is sure to give him all the protein and nutrition he needs to have that fit, active mentality.

Golden Retriever Grain-Free Food: Is your Golden Retriever prone to allergies? Does his skin itch, does he have droopy eyes, or portray other symptoms or adverse reactions to certain food? It could be an important choice you have to make, to offer him a grain-free diet that will alleviated these golden retriever allergies. Taste of The Wild brings you their very own Hi Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Bison & Venison. It’s a grain-free dog food that is suitable for your Golden Retriever at any stage in his life. The name of the food says, “Roasted Bison & Venison” – well, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Delicious and savoring real roasted meats as a primary ingredient, followed up with the healthy vegetables and fruits you as a golden retriever owner would want to feed.

As fit and as active as your Golden Retriever should be, there’s something else that’s often overlooked beside from the food you’re feeding him – you could supplement his health with supplements. For even the best food for golden retrievers could use some help

What Else Could I Do To Give My Golden Retriever to Ensure Optimal Health?

The Golden Retriever is a naturally active breed. They were even first bred as gun dogs to retrieve waterfowl. Bearing the title of the “bird-dog” breed means they were made to achieve great hunting instincts. If you really want to give your Golden Retriever a run for your money, you could give to him Bully Max’s Ultimate Canine Supplement. This supplement especially designed for dogs will give your Golden retriever an extra push to bulk up in strength, and increase speed as well as agility. It also raises the immune system and extends the duration of his endurance.

How What’s Going In Your Golden Retriever’s Stomach Affects His Health

There has been much research abuzz within the past decade to find the link between the consumption of food and how health risks are found in dogs. Golden Retrievers could sustain common sicknesses that we as humans suffer from. These range from the more common things like an upset stomach to indigestion to the extent kidney or liver disease.

One of the best risk-reduction techniques is to check a label thoroughly. This doesn’t mean simply reviewing the front of an attractive pet food. It may look appealing, but in all reality, it’s what’s on the label that counts. A great technique for you as the owner of a golden retriever is to incessantly review the ingredients. Primarily, you’ll want to be on the hunt for a meat as the first ingredient. It shouldn’t be something like an animal by-product or processed food. It should simply state, “chicken” or “beef.”

You should also find it to follow up with common fruit or vegetables. Sweet potato or carrots are often found.

Knowing What’s Right to Put Into the Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers

It’s not easy to search for a great food for your Golden retriever. There could be quite a bit of trial and error. Let’s take a look at some things to ensure:

• Natural Ingredients – Natural ingredients means food free of fillers and by-product. Food that’s been processed with this sort of thing is a no-no. It’s not natural, and will fill up your retriever’s stomach without regards to proper nutrition and benefit.

• Recall History – We have our federal government watching our backs on this one. Knowing the recall history of a pet food manufacturer or distributor is important. What has the company done to prevent problems from reoccurring? What exactly was wrong with the pet food in the first place? These are the types of questions you’ll want to be able to answer if you find that a company has been issued a recall in the past. There’s a great article that could be read here to find out what happens and advice to the consumer.

• Ratings and Reviews – Isn’t the internet a beautiful thing? You have an unlimited resource available to look for the “good stuff”. Many Golden Retriever owners will post reviews or ratings in regards to what they found their Golden retriever enjoys best. This could be a vital tool to spot some of the best things available. Research! That’s what it comes down to.

Golden Retriever Diets

There’s a lot available on the market to feed your Golden Retriever. This part of the article is another glance at some of the sort of foods to find for the four-legged friend.

1. Dry Food – The traditional kibble. Food that resides under this category is the most common.

2. Raw Food – Fresh or frozen – This food should frequently be refrigerated.

3. Homemade Whole Food – Did you know that one of your very best options to feed your Golden retriever could be what you storm up in the kitchen? This way, you’ll be the ultimate decider in what your dog’s stomach is receiving!

4. Grain-Free – Often within dog food made with grains, there’s plenty of calories or carbohydrates. These are good things for your Golden Retriever, but it could be quickly realized that he’s allergic. Remember to keep an eye out for something like droopy eyes or itchy skin. If signs of food allergies are recognized, it’s important for him to get some medical attention. Your vet will probably recommend a change in food.


The Golden Retriever is a loyal and happy mid-size breed. The special place they hold in your family’s heart is one to last a lifetime – unmatched from any other experience. You’ll want to take him in as if he was a child of your own– and feed him the very best dog food for golden retrievers. Proper diet and nutrition, along with a regular routine, means a happy and healthy life. It also means a mess-free one with nothing to pick up after that you’ll truly appreciate!

For the pet food tips for other breeds, take a look at our Chart in this article.

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