Amazon Checker

Put in the ASIN code below and click Submit:



Remember where the ASIN codes are in the URL’s. Almost all of them–except books–will start with a B, like so:

In this sample, the code you’d put in the box above would therefore be B01LX13MGG





Also, remember to NOT put the slashes (/ /) in the ASIN box.

If the product is available after you click Submit, you’ll see the product description and price and, more often than not, the product picture below the ASIN box.  Like so:







If the product is unavailable, you’ll see the words, “Not matches found.  This item is not accessible through the Product Advertising API,” below the ASIN box.  Like so:





Needless to say, if there’s a product description, you can use that product for your article.  If there’s only an “This item is not . . .” skip this product.  Thanks!

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